Thursday, November 4, 2010

November Wishlists?

16 days to go. Imma looking forward for that day. Hoping that some miracles would happen to me ( Hoping so much! )

- Wanna spend all the day long at the beach with my guitar.
- Drawing board from abah.
- Wants happiness to be back.
- A smile from mom.
- A Happy Birthday wish from friends.
- Don't wish for a special gifts, yet wants a kiss from parents on my forehead.

Dear God,
Thanks for giving me a chance to breath on Your world until I'm 16 years old. Mom, thanks for your hard works for taking care of me. I'm nearly 16 years old, yet I still couldn't make you proud of me. I wanted to be at your side all my life. I want to take care you and abah when I grown up. I promise you.

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